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Bruce Lunsford Pledges $1 Million to Establish Scholarship Program

Lunsford is an entrepreneur, businessman and thoroughbred owner who has founded and led numerous companies in Louisville for nearly 40 years. He has pledged $1 million to support UK students interested in citizenship, democracy and public service. read more

Students with a major in the College of Arts & Sciences are invited to apply for the Lunsford Scholars Program. This competitive, financial need-based scholarship program is focused on providing high-impact learning experiences for students with an interest in extracurricular education related to good citizenship and public service. The program will award 20 scholarships of $5,000 to Lunsford Scholars each academic year.

Lunsford Scholars will be selected when they are incoming students, freshmen, or sophomores. Students must have been accepted for admission to the University of Kentucky and can be transfer students. Though students will not receive Lunsford funds until they complete 60 credit hours and have maintained a 3.0 GPA, early recruitment and admissions to the Lunsford Program provide a unique opportunity include high-impact experiences in a larger plan of mentorship, career planning, and support.